Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions

Terms of appointment and sale

Redactores y Editores (the Agency) works to enable you (Client) to source original work from expert writers (Experts).

The Agency reserves the right to refuse orders at its discretion. It will refund Client payment relating to any refused order.

The delivery times and prices featured on the website of the Agency are for illustration purposes. If differences occur, however, the Agency will return Client payments relating to the order if the new price or delivery time is unacceptable.

The Agency is the intermediary and Clients are not permitted to contact Experts directly.

The Agency and Client agreement will start when confirmation has been given that an Expert has been assigned the work and payment for the order has been made. The Client then accepts that the agreement is binding and there will be no refund available.

The agreement between the Parties will continue from the commencement date until the period for amendments expires, unless this is halted earlier by either of the Parties, in accordance with the Agency terms and conditions.


Agency and Client relationship

The Client agrees to provide the Agency with clear briefs in relation to the order and ensure that facts given are accurate.

The Client will ensure that the Agency is provided with all relevant information when the transaction begins and must co-operate with the Agency if the Expert should require further guidance or information.

The Client understands that a failure to provide the required guidance or information could lead to a delay in delivery of the order. In such an event, the Agency will have no responsibility for damage or loss resulting from the delay.

Order delivery

The Client must contact the Agency immediately to report any problems relating to the delivery of the order. If the Client fails to tell the Agency about non-delivery or does not report problems immediately, the Agency will not be liable for a delay.

The Client will NOT be entitled to a discount or refund if a delay is caused by technical issues, such as software, database, email or internet problems. If such issues do occur, the Agency must provide reasonable proof of the problem. Alternatively, the order must be delivered within the agreed time frame.

The Agency guarantees that orders will be completed on or before the deadline selected by the Client. Days in delivery options on the site refers to working days. The guarantee is not applicable if the Agency can prove that a complete order was sent on time.

All orders will be delivered on the agreed due date, before midnight, unless the deadline falls on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, or any other public holidays. In such cases, orders will be delivered the next working day.

The Agency will not be held responsible for late delivery of an order if:

The Agency can offer evidence, such as screen shots or email copies, to prove that an order has been emailed, or otherwise uploaded on time.

The Agency has evidence to show that technical problems were the cause of a delay in delivery.

The Client has not paid an outstanding balance.

The Client did not provide the necessary guidance or information needed to enable the successful completion of the order.

In these cases, the Client will not be eligible for a discount or refund on the order.

Amendments to work

The Client cannot request that the order specification is changed after a deposit or full payment has been received by the Agency and the work has an Expert assigned.

The Expert can be given additional information shortly after a deposit or a full payment has been made, although this cannot conflict or add to the original order specification details.

If additional information is provided after payment which changes the original order specification substantially, the Agency reserves the right to reallocate the order to another Expert without having to consult the Client or to obtain a quote based upon the changed specification. The Agency will not be responsible for any delivery delay resulting from these circumstances.

The Client can request amendments to a completed order up to seven days after it has been received by the Client. Following the specified time period, Clients will be required to pay for amendments.

The Client can make one amendment request, which will be relayed to the relevant Expert for comment. If the Client’s request is deemed reasonable, the work will be amended and returned to the Client as soon as possible.

The Expert will have the opportunity to pass comment on an amendment request and if the Client and Expert fail to reach agreement, the Agency will come to a decision on the matter. This decision is final.

The Client will be required to pay for amendments which involve additional work from that agreed upon when the original order was placed. The Client has the right to decline these extra charges and amendments will not be made.

Level Grade Quality

The Agency will supply work that meets the standards requested by the Client when their order is placed. Failure to do this will entitle the Client to a free rewrite plus amendments.

The Client must be able to provide credible evidence of a failure to meet standards within a fortnight of receiving the order.

The client will NOT be eligible for a discount or refund if:

The Client’s requests in the original order specification led to lowered standards, meaning that the Client’s requirements could not be met without lowering the quality of the work.

Lowered quality was caused by ambiguous requests in the Client’s order specification.

The Client did not ask for an amendment during the free amendment week following delivery.

The Client is not allowed to claim the work as their own. The copyright is not theirs and passing off work directly contravenes the Agency’s terms of use.

The Client, therefore, acknowledges, that the quality level of work ordered is no guarantee that they will receive the same grade when their own work is submitted. The grade ordered will also not offer any guarantee as to the final mark received by the Client.

Terms of payment

The Agency requires payment in advance of work commencing on an order.

The Agency cannot always guarantee that an Expert will be available to complete an order, even if payment is made in advance. The Client will be eligible for a full refund if a suitable Expert cannot be secured and payment has already been made.

If a deposit is paid with the agreement of the Agency, the Client must pay the outstanding balance a minimum of 24 hours before their order due date. If this does not occur, the Client may experience a delay in relation to the delivery of the work ordered.

The Agency reserves the right to change this deadline, based upon individual orders and individual payment plans. Failing to pay on time can lead to delays with the order; delays for which the Agency will not be held responsible.

The Client acknowledges that the Agency does not have to deliver completed Orders if outstanding account balances have not been paid.

Prices detailed on the Agency website or in individual quotes will not include work relating to data collection (questionnaires and interviews) or SPSS data analysis, preliminary research or data processing.

The Client understands that extra charges will be imposed for any data analysis and SPSS requested. The design of interview and questionnaire scripts will also incur additional charges.

Fee indications are available on the Agency website but individual quotes may be offered based upon individual order specifications, such as when additional amendments are requested or in the case of academic assistance or an academic edit.

The Agency maintains the right to alter the prices charged for products and services.

Discounts and refunds

Partial and full refunds will only be offered in circumstances consistent with these terms and conditions and at the Agency’s sole discretion.

When refunds are provided, the Agency will make use of the card details provided by the Client when they placed their order. Alternatively, refunds may be taken as credits that can be used when paying for future orders.

Data Protection

The Agency reserves the right to keep Client details when they are deemed necessary in the completion of order requests.

The Agency will not share or disclose these details, unless fraudulent transactions are being investigated or a request is made by a lawful authority.

Plagiarism and copyright

The Agency only offers original work to clients and does not condone plagiarism in any form. If a Client detects plagiarism and can prove that this is the case, they will be eligible for a rewrite of any plagiarised sections without charge.

The Client will not be eligible for a refund or compensation in relation to plagiarism deemed to be minor or where a genuine mistake has occurred.

The Agency maintains the right to decline orders from Clients suspected of being involved in plagiarism or of attempting to deceive with respect to the ownership of copyright.

The Client does not hold the copyright for work delivered by the Agency and its Experts and accepts that the role of the Agency is to offer suitably qualified Experts who can help with independent personalised research in order to help advance educational standards and assist students in their studies.

The Client may not claim that any work supplied by the Agency is their own or anyone else’s. Orders may not be handed in under the guise of the Client’s own work and the Client agrees not to resell, display or distribute the contents of any order without prior authorisation from the Agency.

The Client agrees to use work provided in a manner reflective of the fact that the copyright is not held by them.

The Client acknowledges that the Agency cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised use of work in contravention with these terms and conditions or for any infringements that go undetected by the Agency.


The Agency will always endeavour to respond to Client requests and enquiries as quickly as possible based upon the resources available.

Relying upon Order delivery to comply with any deadlines is at the Client’s own risk. The Agency, the Experts it works with and its employees cannot be held liable for lateness in delivery except as expressly stated in these terms and conditions.

The Client agrees that the Agency, the Experts used and its employees will only offer opinions and not advice when expressing views. Completed orders are designed to offer academic support and not professional advice.

Any views or statements expressed by Agency affiliates or marketing agents may not reflect Agency policies and regulations and are not endorsed.

It is the Client’s responsibility to know their establishment’s regulations, rules and guidelines before placing an order with the Agency.

The Client accepts that using the services of the Agency and its Experts is their own decision, made at their sole discretion.

The Agency cannot be held liable if a decision to use its services breaches or contravenes guidelines, regulations or rules set by individual establishments.

The Agency and the Experts will always attempt to ensure that all work is fully-custom written and completely accurate but cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracies that may occur. Amendments may be provided under the Agency’s terms and conditions.

The Client accepts that acting in contravention of copyright will result in them forfeiting their rights in relation to the Agency’s terms and conditions. The Agency also reserves the right to request further remedy in certain circumstances.

The Agency can cease work on any order at any time if it reasonably believes that the Client has the intention of using the work supplied in contravention of its terms.

The Client and the Agency agree that the Agency’s terms and conditions will become legally binding once the commencement date has been reached.

These terms and conditions replace and supersede any prior oral or written agreements, understandings or representations between the Client and the Agency and represent the complete terms in existence between these two parties.

This agreement shall be subject to the laws of England.

If any part of this agreement is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

Website Terms and Conditions

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